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Nerja is a popular holiday destination on the Costa del Sol, at the foot of the Sierra de Tejada Mountains. In addition to the beautiful, wide beaches, its attraction is the Nerja Cave, famous for its magnificent stalactites.

The town is not big and it is quiet after the season. However, in summer, the number of people doubles. The city mainly attracts families and people who are more focused on relaxation than partying. Although there is a rather intimate atmosphere here, there are plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs, both in venues and on the beach.

The buildings in Nerja are quite low. There are traditional whitewashed houses with narrow streets between them. Many of them have been converted into cozy guesthouses, restaurants and shops. Fishing boats continue to leave the port, and local restaurants prepare fresh fish and seafood.

There are also many places in and around the city for longer walks with nice views of both the coast and the mountains. One of them is the Europa Viewpoint. The attraction of the area is the Águila Aqueduct, built in the 19th century, which supplied water to the sugar factory in Maro. Today it is used to irrigate the surrounding fields.

The most important attraction in the area is the Nerja Cave. It is one of the most interesting in Spain and contains the largest stalagnate or rock column in the world. The underground route in the cave is almost 5 km long and consists of many halls-galleries in which you can admire the magnificent dripstone form.

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