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Granada Cathedral

Local name: Catedral de Granada

The Cathedral of Grenada is the first Renaissance temple in Spain and the main decoration of the Old Town. The excellent church was built over 180 years. The object has the status of a national monument. The cathedral, together with the fantastic baroque facade and the richly decorated interior with Gothic elements, is a masterpiece of Isabelian style.

The construction of the temple was started on the order of the Queen of Spain, Isabella I Catholic. After the defeat of the Moors and the occupation of the city by Christians, the ruler became heavily involved in the construction of new religious buildings. The cathedral was built on the site of a Muslim mosque. Over the years, many outstanding Spanish architects have supervised the construction. Diego de Siloé and Alonso Cano had the greatest influence.

The cathedral sacristy houses an excellent museum. His collections include unique liturgical and historical exhibits as well as works by Italian and Flemish artists. The pride of the collection are the insignia of royal power and the sword of Ferdinand III of Castile.


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