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Grenada is one of the most well-known and most visited cities of Andalusia. He is famous for, first of all, the magnificent complex of post-Arab buildings, including the Alhambra, inscribed on the UNESCO list.

Like all of southern Spain, Grenada was under the Moorish rule until the 15th century. The local ruling families of Nasrydów and Almorawidów created here unique palaces and gardens, which largely survived to this day. The most important monument from this time is the Alhambra, built in the 13th century, the Nasrid Palace, considered a masterpiece of Arabic architecture. Its richly decorated interiors covered with sculptural decorations and mosaics resemble illustrations from fairy tales from the Thousand and One Nights. The palace is surrounded by the mighty walls of the Alcabaza fortress from the 11th century. Nearby, there are the picturesque Generalife gardens, where you can find a moment of peace between cut lawns, shrubs and water cascades.

Below the Palace extends the former Arab quarter, Albaicín, with a maze of narrow streets, squares and viewpoints from which, in good weather, the peaks of the Sierra Nevada can be seen. Below, at the foot of the hills is the Christian quarter, the Barrio del Sacromonte with residential caves, the mighty Abbey of Abadía del Sacromonte and the Baroque-Renaissance cathedral. It is also a former district of Andalusian gypsies, where flamenco is still played in the streets and in pubs today. The clubs here invite you almost every day to dance shows combined with tasting of fine wines.

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