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Palace of the Lions

Local name: Palacio de los Leones

Lviv Palace was built in the fourteenth century as the residence of the Sultan. Built on the order of King Mohammed V, the building is a masterpiece of Moorish art. The residence is part of the Nasrydów Palace, and its central square (Courtyard of Lviv) is an undeniable symbol of the entire Alhambra. The phenomenal Lviv Fountain is the showcase of the building.

The fountain cup is supported on the backs of twelve lions. Their symbolism has had many interpretations over the years, from astrology to politics. The most famous explanation is the reference to the Koran. The fountain with four streams is to symbolize the source of life and the four rivers of paradise described in the holy book of Islam.


Attractions inside

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    Calle Real de la Alhambra s/n18009 Granada , Spain