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Palace of Charles V

Local name: Palacio de Carlos V

Located inside: Alhambra

The Renaissance palace of Charles V is located on the top of the hill and is part of the Nasrid fortifications. In the building you can see the magnificent facade, the layout of the rooms spread over two floors, a terrace and a unique round patio. Currently, the palace is the seat of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Alhambra Museum.

The construction of the palace was commissioned by the emperor of Alemania and King of Spain Charles V in order to have an additional summer residence, but no monarch ever visited it. Construction works began in the 16th century according to the design of Pedro Machuca. The palace was built in accordance with the Mediterranean Renaissance style, but you can find Mannerist elements in its facade. An interesting solution was also the use of Doric colonnade and Ionic columns. The building was not completed until the end of the 20th century, when it was finally covered with a roof.


Attractions inside

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