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Galicia is the furthest northwest region of Spain. On both sides it is surrounded by Atlantic waters, and from the south it borders with Portugal. It is a green land of hills, cliff coast and arable fields. It has one of the world's most famous shrines, Santiago de Compostela.

The landscape of Galicia differs from the traditional perception of Spain. First of all, thanks to the Atlantic climate, it is cooler, wetter, and therefore green all year round. Numerous rivers supply arable fields and vineyards located on the slopes of gentle hills.

The region's coast is rocky, cliff-like and very fragmented. It is full of bays, small rocky islets, rocky outliers and rock windows. Coves cut deep into the land, creating the so-called rias coast, similar to Norwegian fjords. Between the towns of Ribadeo and Foz you can find a lot of picturesque, wild beaches, which are a popular holiday destination.

The capital and also the most famous city of Galicia is Santiago de Compostela. There is the Romanesque-Gothic sanctuary of St. Jacob. Thousands of pilgrims annually go to the apostle's grave along the routes collectively known as Camino de Santiago, and some walk up to several thousand kilometers on foot.

In addition to Santiago, interesting places with monuments from the Middle Ages are Lugo, Orense, Pontevedra or La Coruña. In turn, the city of Vigo is known for its modernist buildings.

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