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Cesena is a historic city from which the two Popes Pius VI and Pius VII descended. It is home to one of the most valuable libraries in Italy, the collections of which have been included in the UNESCO Memory of the World List.

The origins of the city date back to the Etruscan times, and during the Roman rule it was an important commercial center. From the Middle Ages, Cesena was on the border of the influence of the Church State, being part of it or remaining outside, depending on the current balance of power. More than successive bishops and archbishops made a huge contribution to its cultural and economic development.

The main monument of Cesena and its biggest attraction is the well-preserved Malatestiana Fortress. There are two buildings in its mighty walls - residential and defense towers called the Man and the Woman. Currently, they house the Museum of Agriculture and an exhibition of ceramics.

The main square of the city, Piazza del Popolo, with a historic fountain and tenement houses with arcades is located by the fortress walls. An important monument is the nearby early Renaissance cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The local Malatestiana Library, established in the mid-15th century, is of great importance for the culture of the whole of Europe. Its collection includes extremely valuable medieval manuscripts as well as numerous old prints. Outside the city walls on the hill of Spaziano, you can visit the banedictine monastery of Santa Maria del Monte, which dates back to the 11th century.

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