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Oberhausen is an industrial city and a large cultural, entertainment and commercial center of the region. At the end of the 20th century, a modern commercial and service center was established here in the areas of demolished factories, which attracts tourists and residents of surrounding cities and towns.

The history of the city is relatively short. It was founded in the second half of the 19th century and quickly developed into an industrial center with steel mills and metal factories. The crisis of the second half of the 20th century and the changes that have taken place in industry have rendered these factories useless. In the 1990s, the decaying factory grounds were demolished and Neue Mitte Oberhausen (CentrO) was built in their place.

It centers around Germany's largest shopping, entertainment and service center, CentrO Oberhausen. On 125 thousand There are over 250 stores here, as well as catering facilities, cinemas, sports and entertainment centers.

Legoland Discovery Center and Sea Life Oberhausen are part of the new entertainment complex. The first is a huge, divided into thematic parts exhibition from Lego bricks, the second is one of the largest aquariums in Germany, where you can watch sea inhabitants from around the world. An aquapark and a huge, modern theater are an addition to them.

The industrial heritage is not forgotten in Oberhausen. The former gas tank was adapted for exhibition purposes. The gasometer is the highest exhibition hall in Europe, and from the viewing platform on the top of the building you can watch the city panorama.

Another way to remind you of the city's history and traditions is the LVR Industrial Museum, which includes the LVR Museum of Industry Huta św. Anthony and the Zinc Factory LVR-Industriemuseum Altenberg. In turn, the Knappenhalde heap is a popular walking place and viewpoint.

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