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An industrial city in the Ruhr region associated primarily with industry and the football club Borussia. During World War II it was almost completely destroyed, but it was possible to rebuild part of the Old Town, which is currently hidden between new buildings.

Dortmund is one of Germany's major industrial cities. It developed from the 17th century as a center of coal mining and the metal industry. Today, some of the facilities are open to the public. Among them is the historic mine Zeche Zollern, which houses exhibitions devoted to the development of industry in Dortmund.

One of the city's most famous buildings is the "U" skyscraper, where the Union brewery was located. Currently on the lower floors there are exhibition halls, and on the top you can use the observation deck. Another interesting vantage point is the Florian TV tower in the Westphalian Park, 220 m high. At 140 meters there is a viewing terrace and a revolving restaurant. In the vicinity of the park there is a complex of concert and entertainment halls Westfalenhallen, whose construction began in the interwar period and which host the largest cultural events in the city every year. It is not far from the Westphalian Park to the Borussia stadium, where the club museum and the official Borussia store operate.

Older monuments are hidden quite carefully between modern buildings. The most important are three medieval churches, St. Rajnold, Saint. Piotr and Mariacki. Despite the damage, you can still admire valuable works of art from the Gothic and Baroque periods, and from the tower of the church of St. Rajnolda offers a nice view of the city.

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