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North German Bremen is famous for its picturesque Old Town. Its central point is the UNESCO-listed town hall and the Roland statue standing next to it. The city is also known for the "Musicians of Bremen" fairy tale.

Bremen was established as a stronghold on the trade route already in the 8th century. It received city rights in the 13th century and since then it also belonged to the Hanseatic League, which gave it great material benefits. It was during the late Middle Ages and at the beginning of the modern era that the city flourished, becoming a large commercial center. A large part of its historic buildings originate from this period.

It focuses around the square surrounded by tenement houses with half-timbered facades. Its main monument is the Renaissance town hall with arcades, in which you can admire, inter alia, the Tapestry Hall or the Golden Chamber. In the basement of the Town Hall operates one of the oldest wineries in Germany founded in 1405. Only a year older is the famous statue of the knight Roland standing next to the town hall, which is a symbol of the city, its freedom and survival. Other valuable monuments of the Old Town are the cathedral of St. Piotra, the 16th century Guild House and the picturesque Böttcherstrasse street. In the center is also a statue of Bremen Musicians referring to the fairy tales of the Grimm brothers.

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