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Nice is the informal capital of the Cote d'Azur and the second most-visited city in France by tourists. It is located on the Mediterranean coast and is known primarily as an entertainment, leisure and bathing resort. The picturesque center combines the features of a Provencal city and world metropolises, and the cuisine includes many dishes and ingredients from around the world.

Nice has developed since Roman times as a large seaport and commercial center. It was annexed to France relatively late, because it wasn't until 1860. It had previously remained in the orbit of influence of Italian cities and has retained its cosmopolitan character, which is different from the rest of the country. Thanks to the mild climate and numerous beaches, it is a very well-known, yet expensive and exclusive resort. The entertainment life of the city is centered around the 7-kilometer seaside Promenade des Anglais, where there are gardens, beaches, restaurants, bars and hotels.

The historical center of the city is located a little further, at the foot of the hills, from which there are beautiful views of the coast. You can see the ruins of the castle, Romanesque cathedral and Roman baths, as well as Baroque and Classicist palaces and residences in which the nobles of this world who came to Nice from the seventeenth century stayed.

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