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Amboise is a small town in the Loire Valley. Above the picturesque buildings there is a medieval royal castle, and the town is also known for its connections with the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci.

The beginnings of the village and the castle located here date back to the 3rd century, when a fortified fort stood on the Loire embankment. Over time, it was rebuilt into a castle that the Normans invaded several times. The first major expansion of the castle took place in the 13th century thanks to the d'Amboise family. In turn, 200 years later the stronghold was taken over by the French king and in the following years it was rebuilt into a Gothic-Renaissance palazzo and fortezza. Today, the Royal Castle in Amboise is one of the most-visited in the Loire Valley.

The second important monument of Amboise is the Clos Luce Castle, which in the 16th century King Francis I donated as a flat to Leonardo da Vinci. The artist and designer spent the last three years of his life there, and after his death he was buried in the church in Amboise. Today, in the Clos Luce Castle there is a museum collecting souvenirs of da Vinci and replicas of the machines he created. The Renaissance Clos Luce Gardens stretch around the residence.

Below the castle is the center of Amboise with small tenement houses with decorated facades and many restaurants. Another attraction of the village is the Mini-Castle Park with miniatures of residences from the Loire Valley.

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