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Royal Castle of Amboise

Local name: Château Royal d'Amboise

The Amboise Royal Castle is one of the most famous and monumental among the castles of the Loire Valley. Located on a hill above the town's buildings, it seems embedded in it. It is a gothic defensive structure surrounded by massive defensive walls, with a small chapel and perfectly preserved interiors.

The castle was one of the favorite seats of the Kings of the Valois and Bourbon dynasties. Many of the kings spent part of each year here. Only two castle wings have survived to our times. Their interiors are decorated in the spirit of the Renaissance. During the tour, tourists can learn about works of art, learn about the impact that French culture had on all of Europe, as well as discover the secrets of subsequent rulers and their great loves.

The castle with the chapel are located within the fortified hill. You can admire a small bastion fortress here. Currently, there is a park and garden within it, but the old defensive assumptions are still visible. The castle organizes outdoor events, historical shows and productions in the season.


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