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Plumereau Square

Local name: Place Plumereau

Plumereau Square is one of the main squares in the French city of Tours. It is commonly called "Place Plume" by the locals. It is the focal point of the Saint-Martin district. There are many cafes, bars and restaurants here. This is a popular meeting place. The characteristic element of this place are the half-timbered houses surrounding the square.

The history of Plumereau Square dates back to the 13th century. Originally it was called Carroi, later: Saint-Pierre-le-Puellier Square, Aux Fruits Square, Carroi Saint-Pierre, Carroi des Quenouilles. Finally, in 1888, it assumed the name of Plumereau Square, in honor of Charles Plumereau, a councilor and benefactor of the City of Tours, who gave the city considerable sums of money.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Plumereau Square was expanded, which involved the destruction of several buildings. Valuable half-century half-timbered houses are valuable monuments. Today, the square with the surrounding streets is a pedestrian area, and social life takes place in bars and cafes.


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