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Mini-Castles Park

Local name: Parc des Mini-Châteaux

Loire Valley Miniature Park is a place where in half a day you can see over 40 of the most beautiful residences of this region. They are built on a scale of 1:25. The exhibition is located in a historic landscape park, which also offers pleasant walking paths.

The park was created to easily introduce visitors to the vast region of the Loire Valley and its most important monuments. It is an offer for people who do not have much time and would like to get to know the architecture and culture of the region as well as possible. The exhibition covers all the most famous castles, including Chambord, Chenonceaux, Amboise, Villandry and Blois. They are reproduced with attention to detail. You can also see the most characteristic elements of garden architecture from the Loire Valley and fragments of famous castle parks. In addition, the Miniature Park also has traditional French gardens and an English park.


Attractions inside

    Mini-Castles Park map
    Boulevard Saint-Denis Hors 37400 Amboise , France