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Egypt is a country in northern Africa, which is known primarily from the impressive ancient monuments and as a popular holiday destination. The weather for sunbathing here is practically all year round, while modern resorts on the Red Sea provide service at a very high level.

Although Egypt is located between two seas, the Mediterranean and the Red, organized tourism flourishes only on the latter. Resorts such as Sharm el Sheikh, Hurgada, Marsa Alam are known not only to lovers of rest on the beach, but also to lovers of diving on coral reefs. Egyptian resorts are perfectly organized and function as separate, separated from the town's surroundings.

Egypt's second largest attraction next to the seaside resorts are its ancient monuments. At that time, a powerful civilization grew here, which left behind unusual buildings. The most important of them is the pyramid complex in Giza with the famous Sphinx statue. Nevertheless, the Valley of the Kings with the graves of the pharaohs, temple complexes in Luxor and Karnak, the temple of Hatshepsut and the temple in Abu Simel are equally popular and willingly visited.

The axis that has crossed Egypt for centuries and around which the life of the state is centered is the Nile Valley. Tourists can now take advantage of tourist river cruises, during which they visit ancient places of worship and admire the magnificent views. In the southern part of the country, on the Nile lies the large city of Aswan, which is known primarily from the massive water dam built in the seventies of the twentieth century, thanks to which a huge Lake Nasser was created. In the north of the country, in the Nile delta lies one of the most famous cities of antiquity, Alexandria.

Most of Egypt is occupied by deserts. They are also a big tourist attraction. In the oases here you can visit Bedouins living in the desert, many of them are also prepared to receive tourists. Camel rides, quad and off-road vehicle rides as well as guided walks in the desert are popular pastimes.

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