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Alexandria is Egypt's second largest city and its largest port and informal scientific and cultural capital. Already in ancient times it was one of the most important centers of the Mediterranean. Most of the city's current buildings date back to the nineteenth century, but you can also visit ruins from Roman times.

Rhakotis, because this name was originally given by Alexandria, was founded in 1686 BC. It was an important port in the Nile Delta for centuries. However, it was only in the 4th century BC that its intensive development began. Alexander the Great expanded the center and also named it after him. Soon Alexandria became one of the most important cultural and scientific centers of antiquity. The famous Mouseion and the Alexandrian Library operated here.

Today, Alexandria, despite its ancient heritage, does not have many monuments from this period. The largest dense complex of ancient buildings includes the Roman Theater in Alexandria and adjacent buildings. In addition, in several parts of the city you can see the remains of columns and buildings from the time of Alexander of Macedonia.

In the eighth century, Alexandria came under Arab rule and remained under his authority until colonial times. The most important monument of this period is the seaside Citadel Quaitbay built in the 15th century. Today it houses the Maritime Museum.

A large part of the city center building dates from the late 18th and 19th centuries. The most spectacular of them is the richly decorated Mosque of Abu al-Abbas al Mursi. You can also visit the Montazah Palace turned into a museum, in which the last Egyptian kediv or the neoclassical Palace of Antoniadis used to be. In the vicinity of the Montazaha Palace there is a nineteenth century bridge. Another of the most visited bridges is King Farouk's Bridge.

In addition to interesting monuments, the Alexandria Zoo is a popular attraction, where you can see animals living in the Nile Valley and in the deserts of Egypt. Due to its location, the city is also a good starting point for less crowded beaches on the Mediterranean.

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