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Al-Badraszajn is a city near Giza, in the Nile Valley, which is known primarily for its oldest Egyptian Pyramid of Djoser.

The city dates back to antiquity. The settlement existed here already in the third millennium BC. Around 2650 BC a Dahshur necropolis was erected here, which is considered one of the oldest surviving facilities of this type in Egypt.

The main tourist attractions of Al-Badraszajn are concentrated within the Dahshur necropolis. The most important of them is the stepped Pyramid of Djoser. The third-highest Egyptian pyramid, the Red Pyramid, is also built here. The peculiarity is the only Broken Pyramid of this type Snofru. All these objects can be viewed both from the outside and it is possible to enter part of the burial chambers.

In addition to the pyramids themselves, in Al-Badrashajn there are also ruins of an ancient palace, warehouses and the modern Imhotep Museum. It contains monuments found during excavations, including mummies, dishes, jewelry, as well as boards with hieroglyphs.

Due to its location, visits to Al-Badrashajn are often combined with trips to nearby Giza, where the most famous complex of the Egyptian pyramids with the famous Sphinx statue is located.

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