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Larnaca is located by the sea and is known on the one hand as a holiday resort, on the other a city full of monuments from the times of Turkish and Byzantine rule.

Near the place where today's city is, there was an ancient Kition settlement founded by the Phoenicians and known primarily as the birthplace of the famous philosopher, creator of Stoicism, Zenon.

Larnaca today is a testimony to the centuries of mixing of various influences in Cyprus. You can see here, among others the oldest mosque on the island, dated to the middle of the 7th century with the relics of Aunt Mohammed, the church of St. Lazarus from the 9th century and a Turkish fort and aqueduct from the 17th century

The most important monuments of Larnaca are located within the bazaar district, whose appearance and character bring to mind the city of the Middle East. The second place where the entertainment life of the city is focused is the seaside promenade of Finikoudes. The beaches of Larnaca and its surroundings are covered with thick sand and stones.

A popular place for trips in the area is the salt lake, where you can watch flocks of flamingos.

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