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Larnaca Castle

Local name: Κάστρο Λάρνακας

Larnaca Fort, also known as the Larnaca Medieval Castle, is a building with a long and turbulent history. Currently, the castle houses a historical museum, and its courtyard is used to organize various types of artistic and cultural events as an open-air stage.

The museum exhibition in the fort is divided into three parts. In one room we will see historic early Christian, Byzantine and later items. The second room is dedicated to Byzantine painting, and in the third you can learn about medieval weapons and tools.

The construction of the castle in Larnaca probably began in the 12th century. Its function was to be to protect the port and bay. In later centuries this fortification was transformed into a prison, where gallows were also executed. The castle performed this function until the mid-20th century, and the last execution took place here in 1948.


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