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Zeno Kitius

Local name: Ζήνωνα Κιτιεύς

The statue of Zenon of Kition commemorates this famous ancient Greek philosopher who came from a place known in antiquity as Kition, that is, current Larnaca. The monument depicts him in a standing position with a serious, thoughtful face. He is dressed in a long gown flowing down to the ground.

Zenon of Kition was born around 335 BC. Initially, his views were strongly influenced by the thoughts of Socrates and cynics. Over time, however, he developed his own philosophical system and is now best known for having founded a stoic school. During his lifetime he was one of the most influential Greek philosophers. Although known as Zeno of Kition, he spent most of his life in Athens.

The square itself, where the monument is located, was built in the 19th century during the British rule on the island. The name of the square, "Plac Europa", is newer and commemorates the creation of the European Union.


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