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Saripolou Square

Local name: Saripolou Square

Saripolou Square is one of the central points in Limassol. There are numerous shops as well as restaurants and cafes around the square and its surroundings, which makes this square one of the most popular meeting places in Limassol. Due to the presence of numerous clubs and bars, the square also teems with life at night.

Its central location contributes to the great popularity of Saripolou Square (both among tourists and city residents). It is located near the most important points in the city, i.e. the castle, the Cyprus University of Technology and the city market.

The name of the square commemorates Nicholas I Saripolou, who had invaluable merits in establishing Greek legislation. He was born in Larnaca at the beginning of the 19th century. He made a career as a lawyer, but as a result of the Greek War of Independence his family's property was confiscated by the Ottoman authorities, and Saripolou had to emigrate.


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