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Hasselt is a city that, in addition to a nice historical center, can offer tourists some interesting museums. It is also known for the production of Janever's essential gin, which can be tasted in numerous bars and restaurants.

The city is the capital of the province of Limburg and has been an important commercial center of the region for centuries. There is also a university here, and Hasselt's history went down in history thanks to the battle during the peasant wars at the end of the 18th century, during which the inhabitants of the surrounding villages were defeated by the French army.

The Hasselt Center is centered around the Big Square. In its surroundings, you can see, among others an interesting half-timbered house from the 17th century and many nice tenement houses with decorated facades. Many of them now have restaurants and bars. The tower of St. Quintin. Its construction began in the 11th century and is now a mixture of different styles and multiple reconstructions. The second most important churches in the city, the Basilica of Virga Jesse, was severely damaged during World War II. Today, in its rebuilt form, it delights with its classicist interior.

A visit to Hasselt would not be complete without the museums here. In Stadsmus, you can learn about the history of the city and its inhabitants. The fashion museum allows you to review the history of fashion from the mid-18th century to the present day, while the Hasselt Jenever Museum presents the traditions of making local gin. The highlight of Hasselt is Plobsa Indoor, an entertainment center run by a studio that produces films and programs for children. A nice place for a walk is the Japanese Garden, which is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

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