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Upper Austria is located at the border with Germany and the Czech Republic. It is a region with a diverse landscape, famous for its alpine ski resorts in the Dachstein area and mountain lakes in Salzkammergut. On its territory is one of the most popular Austrian towns, Hallstatt.

The capital of Upper Austria is Linz, a city with long traditions, known for centuries as a cultural center and awarded in 2009 with the title of European Capital of Culture. Linz skillfully combines tradition and industrial character with modernity and the city's climate of festivals, concerts and world-class cultural events.

The region is divided into two parts by the Danube Valley. The northern, closer to the border is usually upland and relatively flat. The further south, the higher hills and mountains, and the landscape becomes more and more varied.

It is here that there are two known regions - Dachstein and Salzkammergut. The first of them includes the Alps, on the slopes of which several dozen smaller and larger ski resorts operate today. In turn, Salzkammergut has the character of a mountain lake district, with picturesque towns on the banks of lakes. There is also a historic, one of the oldest salt mines in Austria.

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