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New Cathedral

Local name: Linzer Mariendom

The new Linz Cathedral was founded on the initiative of Bishop Franciszek Józef Rudigier. For the first time the clergyman called for its construction in a pastoral letter from 1855, finally the construction began only in 1862. The consecration of the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary took place 62 years later, in 1924. Currently it is the largest church in Austria.

The cathedral, despite its initial plans, is not the tallest church in the country - the South Tower of the Cathedral of Saint. Stephen's in Vienna. Changes in the design had to be changed by law, which in the time of Austria-Hungary stated that the tower could not be higher than that in Vienna.

It is famous for its beautiful stained glass, which, apart from aesthetic values, also serve to commemorate important figures and historical events of Linz. During World War II, many of them were destroyed, and now in their place you can see new works in contemporary style.


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