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Saranda belongs to the main resorts of the Albanian Riviera. It is still a growing center with numerous hotels, apartments for rent, restaurants and a pebble beach.

The Albanian Riviera has been discovered by tourists since the beginning of the 21st century. In the post-war period foreigners could not come here, and after the overthrow of communism the country came out of the crisis for a long time and was just building its tourist base.

Today's Saranda is primarily hotels and guesthouses standing on the shores of the bay, on the slopes of the mountains falling into the sea. The beaches here are mainly rocky and pebble, well managed, with the option of renting umbrellas, sunbeds and floating equipment.

Along the coast, there is a promenade with palm trees and restaurants and bars. There is also a fishing and tourist port here where you can buy fresh fish and seafood every day.

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