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Neuchâtel is a historic town picturesquely situated on the lake of the same name. It offers tourists many interesting monuments, including a medieval castle and a collegiate church, as well as numerous museums and recreational areas.

The history of the settlement of the area around Neuchâtel dates back to prehistoric times. There have also been many discoveries related to the Iron Age and the colonization of those times. These times are associated with the modern Latenium archaeological museum with the surrounding archaeological park.

The medieval buildings of the city have survived in large part to our times. Neuchâtel's highlight is the hilltop, fairytale-like Neuchâtel Castle. Only the courtyard is open to the public, because the cantonal government is located inside. A valuable monument of Romanesque-Gothic architecture is the church in Neuchâtel from the 12th century.

There are also many interesting museums in Neuchâtel. In addition to the archaeological site, there are also the Natural History Museum, the Neuchâtel Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Art and History and the Dürrenmatt Center.

The city also has a rich offer for people who like nature and spending time outdoors. There is an extensive Neuchâtel Botanical Garden presenting the Jura nature and tropical plants gathered in the conservatory. On the shores of the lake there is the Quai Osterwald Promenade, which takes you to a small port to go on a cruise on the LNM ship. Another great attraction is the possibility of entering one of the hills overlooking the city by the historic La Courde-Chaumont Railway. Those looking for adrenaline can go to the Chaumont Adventure Park.

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