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Segovia is a historic city known for one of the world's best-preserved aqueducts. The Old Town is full of valuable monuments from the period of Moorish rule and the 16th and 17th centuries, thanks to which it was entered on the UNESCO list.

The city was founded by the Romans in the 1st century BC. During the reign of Emperor Trajan, the Aqueduct in Segovia was built over 16 km in length. It was erected without the use of mortar, yet it has survived practically intact to this day.

Already in Roman times, Segovia was surrounded by fortifications. It was expanded by the Arabs, and then the Spanish kings after the Reconquest. Fragments of the walls and the San Andreas Gate, which in the past led to the city, have been preserved to this day. The most significant defensive structure in the city, the Alcazar in Segovia, comes from the times of Arab rule. It is considered one of the most beautiful castles in central Spain. It houses the arsenal of the castle, and from the terrace you can admire the panorama of the city. Under the Alcazar there is a park and a viewpoint over the castle.

The central point of the Old Town is Plaza Mayor. There are historic tenement houses around it, and there are many shops and restaurants on the ground floors. There are also historic churches in the area. The most important is the 16th century Segovia Cathedral, which combines Gothic and Renaissance features. Inside you can see a gothic monastery. Other interesting temples of the city include San Martin Church, Vera Cruz Church, San Juan de la Cruz Monastery and San Andreas Church.

There are also many interesting museums in Segovia. The history of the city can be traced in the Segovia Museum. On the other hand, the Esteban Vicente Museum of Contemporary Art presents works by artists associated with the region. The Dom Antonio Machado Museum shows the life and work of this Spanish writer, while the Royal Museum Casa de Moneda de Segovia has a rich collection related to the industrial heritage of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

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