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Alcázar of Segovia

Local name: Alcázar de Segovia

The Segovia Palace is located on a hill near the confluence of rivers. Tourists can visit the outer courtyard and castle walls, as well as admire the structure from the outside. It is also possible to see the residential part of the palace. Decorative and rich interiors have retained their original appearance, there is even reconstructed furniture. There is also a chapel, treasury and armory.

The first buildings on this place were built already in Roman times. The Moors also left traces of their construction. In the 12th century, the fortress was rebuilt and adapted for the needs of Alfonso VIII. In the 13th century it was significantly expanded. In the 16th century the castle was rebuilt and a castle garden was created.

The then appearance of the building has survived to modern times. In the 17th century it served as a prison, and in the 18th century it was the seat of a school of royal artillery. The coronation of Izabela of Castile took place in the castle, followed by her wedding with Ferdinand of Aragon.

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