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The Basque Country is located in the north of Spain on the border with France. It is part of a larger historical and cultural region covering areas on both sides of the border. Its capital is Victoria, but the cities of Bilbao and San Sebastian are more known than it.

It is often said that the Basque Country has three capitals. The official, though not very well known, is Victoria, with a nice old town, two cathedrals and lots of parks and squares, thanks to which in 2012 it became the Green Capital of Europe.

San Sebastian is the second of Basque business cards. Located by the sea, on the Costa Vasca is at the same time a holiday resort and cultural center of the region. It is surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the region, and in September the world-famous film festival takes place here.

However, the region's most famous center is Bilbao. The world-famous Guggenheim Museum is located here, while architecture connects tradition and modern trends. You can also see the Biscay Bridge from the late nineteenth century, entered on the UNESCO list, which is one of the few still used gondola bridges.

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