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Castle of Butrón

Local name: Castillo de Butrón

The neo-Gothic Butrón Castle is located in the Basque village of Gatica. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages, but its current fairy-tale appearance - inspired by the architecture of Bavarian castles - is the result of a thorough reconstruction carried out in the 19th century on the initiative of Francisco de Cubas.

The castle has five floors, a mezzanine and four cylindrical towers, the highest of which serves as a tower. The outer walls are more than 4 meters thick. Inside the building there is an old chapel, a room with a fireplace, a spacious lounge, a library and rooms. There was a hotel here for a while, but now the building is abandoned.

The castle stands in the middle of a picturesque park with palm trees and various exotic plant species. The entire property is also surrounded by the Butrón River backwaters, which serves as a natural moat.


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