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Vizcaya Bridge

Local name: Bizkaiko Zubia

The Bizkaiko Zubia Bridge connects the Las Arenas district with Portugalete crossing the Nervion River. He is also known under the name Puente Colgante. It is the oldest transport bridge in the world. It has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2006. The bridge is 160 meters long and 45 meters wide. It was built of steel and its construction resembles suspension bridges. It is a perfect combination of applied art, industrialism and aesthetic values.

The bridge was built in 1893 according to the design of the architect Alberto Palacio. It was built to improve the flow of funds bypassing traffic jams on the roads between banks located on opposite banks of the river. There are railroad tracks, car lanes and a footbridge for pedestrians. During its existence, bridge transport was interrupted only once during the Spanish Civil War, when part of the structure was destroyed by an explosion of dynamite.


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    Puente de Vizcaya Zubia Getxo , Spain