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Bermeo is a historic fishing town on the Bay of Biscay. Its surroundings abound in wonderful, scenic stretches of the coast, and the city itself has many interesting monuments and a rich nightlife.

The beginnings of the city are related to the founding of the monastery of Saint John on the nearby rocky island in the 11th century. Today the San Juan de Gaztelugatxe Islet and Hermitage are one of the area's most important attractions. This place gained popularity thanks to the series Game of Thrones, because it was here that scenes on Dragon's Rock were filmed. The San Juan de Gaztelugatxe Steps and a stone bridge lead to the island. The San Juan Gaztelugatxe Viewpoint is also nearby, from which you can enjoy views of the rocky coast.

The city life revolves around the Port of Bermeo with colorful tenement houses and the Pier Bermeo. There is a Fishing Vessel Port in the vicinity and you can get fresh fish and seafood here every morning. They are also a staple dish in the surrounding bars and restaurants. Delving into the Old Town, you can see, among others The Church of Santa Maria with a columned portico and the stone Ertzilla tower, which now houses the Arrantzaleen Museum, showing the life and work of fishermen.

The beaches around Bermeo are mostly rocky and very narrow. However, many tourists choose to rest on the rocks. Coastal islets - rocks are often connected to the mainland by platforms, such as on the small, picturesque Aritxatxu Beach.

A big attraction in the area is the scenic road leading to Bilbao. From its numerous bends you can admire the panoramas of the coast. A frequent destination for excursions is also the 19th-century Matxitxako Lighthouse standing on the cape.

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