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Miramar Palace

Local name: Miramar Jauregia

Located inside: Miramar Gardens

Miramar Palace was the summer residence of the Spanish monarchy, and its history dates back to the late nineteenth century. The clear English style and excellent neo-Gothic decorations are the hallmarks of the building on a small hill. The interior of the residence impresses with its original equipment, but it is rarely available to visitors. The phenomenal palace gardens offer a beautiful view of the bay of La Concha and the island of Santa Clara.

Construction of the facility was initiated by the order of the Queen of Spain, Maria Krystyna Austriana. The property, which previously used to be the monastery of San Sebastian El Antiguo, was enlarged and rebuilt. The author of the unique design was the English architect Selden Wornum. The green areas around the palace were arranged by Pierre Ducasse.

Currently, the palace interiors hold summer courses at the University of the Basque Country and some concerts as part of the Musical Fortnight festival.


Attractions inside

    Miramar Palace map
    Paseo Miraconcha 4820007 Donostia-San Sebastian , Spain