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Luxembourg is the capital of the principality of the same name sandwiched between the borders of France, Germany and Belgium. It boasts a perfectly preserved medieval old town, which, along with aqueducts leading from the Alzette valley, has been inscribed on the UNESCO list.

Existing since the Middle Ages, the city is today the European financial capital, with hundreds of banks and financial institutions. In the center, however, what comes to the fore is history. Among the cobbled streets you can see a lot of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque tenement houses, while the most important building is the late-Gothic Notre Dame cathedral with a rich, Baroque interior.

Nearby is the sixteenth-century palace of the Grand Dukes built in the Flemish Renaissance style. Today it is still the winter seat of the Luxembourg rulers. The Old Church also houses the church of St. Michał, whose history dates back to the 10th century and a Gothic city gate.

The city's attraction is the remains of the fortress, whose construction began in the 17th century. Constructed successively by the French, Austrians and Spaniards, it has casemates stretching over a dozen kilometers, open to visiting, as well as numerous forts, towers and defensive positions.

Luxembourg also has interesting museums, the most important of which are the Museum of Art and History and the Banking Museum, which reminds us of the most important branch of the country's economy today.

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