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Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe. It is strategically located between Germany, France and Belgium, which meant that it developed as a financial and banking center. At the same time, it is a country of beautiful mountain landscapes, medieval castles and free public transport.

Although the state is identified primarily with the city of Luxembourg, it is actually much larger and you can see more than just the capital. The northern part of the country is occupied by the Ardennes, low, reaching only 700 m above sea level, but very picturesque mountains. They are cut with a network of walking and cycling routes that are great for recreation.

The capital of Luxembourg bearing the same name is a historic city full of monuments, with around 100,000 inhabitants. residents. The most important monument is the Palace of the Grand Dukes, which to this day is the main residence of the rulers of Luxembourg. You can also admire the Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, former city fortifications, in which, among others, works Am Tunnel gallery and many interesting tenements and palaces.

Apart from the capital, Vianden is a place worth visiting near the German border. There is a picturesque castle here, which is a mixture of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles. Other interesting castles and fortresses are located in Esch-sur-Sûre, Beaufort and Brandenbourg. A different, but very popular attraction is the railway museum in Fond-de-Gras, where you can, among others ride a train powered by a steam engine.

Luxembourg is also known for its excellent cuisine and wines. Several restaurants operating in the capital have famous Michelin stars, and the local vineyards are not inferior to those from France.

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