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Taranto is a coastal city with a large commercial and military port. It is known for the Aragonese castle and the magnificent baroque cathedral.

The city was founded in the 8th century by settlers from Sparta and it was organized like their country. During the Great Greece period, it was a thriving commercial center. In the 3rd century BC, it came under the rule of Rome, under which it remained until the fall of the Empire. Today, the remains of those times are the ruins of Roman temples, amphitheater and thermal baths. Many valuable relics from this period are on display at the MArTA archaeological museum.

Most of the most important monuments of Taranto are buildings from the period from the 11th to 18th centuries. The most impressive of them is the Aragonese castle. Its construction began in the 10th century during the reign of Byzantium, and its present shape is due to numerous reconstructions carried out until the 17th century. The castle stands on the sea shore and reminds of the importance of the port in Taranto.

A beautiful example of the interpenetration of trends from different eras is the cathedral in Taranto. Its construction began in the 11th century and its shape is Romanesque. However, in the 18th century it was completely rebuilt in the baroque style, giving the interior an unusually rich interior. A pearl of baroque architecture is the chapel of St. Katalda.

An interesting attraction of Taranto is the San Francesco di Paola Bridge, thrown over the port canal. You can view the city panorama from there. Picturesque places to walk are the Peripato Gardens and the Garden of Garibaldi Square.

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