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Palazzo Massimo - The National Museum in Rome

Local name: Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme is one of the branches of the National Roman Museum. There are many monuments related to Emperor Augustus, among others a monument depicting him in a characteristic outfit for Pontifex Maximus. You can also find a copy of Myron's "Diskobol", numerous mosaics and decorations, as well as a rich collection of coins. At the Massimo Palace, original Greek works of art found in Rome are also exhibited, such as the "Throne of Ludovisi", "Hellenistic Prince" and "Boxer".

The palace was built in 1883–1887, on the site of a villa that once belonged to Pope Sixtus V. Its architect was Camillo Pistrucci. The National Mouzeum of Rome, on the other hand, was founded in 1889. Palazzo Massimo is one of its five seats. Others are found in the terms of Diocletian, Palazzo Altemps, Aula Ottagona and Cripta Balbi at via delle Botteghe Oscure.


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