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Piombino is a coastal town where the Tyrrhenian Sea meets the Ligurian Sea. Its oldest part is located on a narrow promontory protruding into the sea, and there are sandy, though narrow beaches in the vicinity.

The strategic nature of this place has already been appreciated by the Etruscans who built their fort here. Currently, one of the most important attractions of Piombino is the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, where you can see the remains of their settlement with reconstructions of houses and fortifications.

There are no exceptionally valuable monuments in today's buildings, but the whole thing is a feast for the eyes. There are colorful houses, towers and bell towers of churches typical of northern Italy, and a small port. The representative place is Bovio Square with the image of the wind rose, next to which the building of the Sea Museum rises. The city also has the Archaeological Museum and the Castle Museum located in the remains of the former Piombino fortress.

Due to its location on a rather steep coast, the town has only small beaches in the vicinity of the port. They have only a dozen or so sunbeds. It is better in the suburbs and around Piombino, where there are sandy strips of land located at the foot of the slopes falling into the sea. They are quite crowded in high season.

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