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Montefalco is a historic town situated on a hill among the vineyards. It is known for the production of dry red wines and an art museum located in a former church.

The city has Roman roots and has developed as a thriving commercial center since the Middle Ages. With time, wine began to be produced here, which quickly became one of the most appreciated varieties of Umbria. Dry ruby-colored wine can be bought in local shops, and tastings are conducted by numerous wineries in the city and vineyards dotted around the surrounding hills.

The greatest attraction and extremely valuable monument of Montefalco is the former monastery and church of St. Francis. In the Romanesque-Gothic temple there are valuable late-medieval frescoes depicting the life of the founder of the Franciscan order. The church and monastery now function as an art museum. In addition to the frescoes, you can see paintings and sculptures created by masters from Umbria and neighboring regions in the period from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

St. Franciszka stands within the picturesque Old Town. Many historic tenement houses and palaces, as well as the city council building with arcades, have been preserved here. There are now restaurants and cafes as well as souvenir shops in the cobbled streets.

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