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Ioannina is the capital of Epirus and one of the most Balkan cities of Greece. Centuries-old Turkish influences are visible here in the form of, among others, the still operating Old Bazaar, mosques and numerous memorabilia associated with the commander Ali Pasha.

In the 6th century AD, Emperor Justinian built a fortress in Ioannina. It was completely rebuilt during the Turkish rule and is now one of the most important and recognizable monuments of the city. A large part of the Old Town is located within it. The highest is the citadel with the Aslan mosque, and below it there is a tangle of streets in the Old Bazaar with numerous goldsmiths, for which Janina has been famous for centuries.

The present appearance of the Old Town in Janina is due to the figure of Ali Pasha of Tepelena, who was called the Lion of Janina. In addition to his cruelty, he was also famous for his thrift and care for trade and art. The main monuments of the city today include the Tomb of Ali Pashiv within the fortress. Another remnant of the Turkish rule is the Clock Tower in Ioannina.

In addition to mosques and the former Turkish part, Ioannina also has monuments of Christian culture, such as the Church of St. Athanasiosa, the Monastery of Dourachanis, the Monastery of Dili or the Church of St. Anargyroi.

Ioannina's attractions also include the local museums, especially the Vrelli Wax Museum showing the history of Greece, the Costas Frontzos Folklore Museum, the Medres and Hierodidaskaleio City Museum, the Goldsmith Museum and the City Gallery.

The town's location among the mountains and the lake is also attractive. There is a scenic promenade on its shore, and from the small port you can go on a cruise.

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