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Vrellis Greek History Museum

Local name: Μουσείο Κέρινων Ομοιωμάτων Βρέλλη

The private wax museum houses a collection of over 150 life-size models, thematically divided into 37 dioramas. They present various historical events, divided into three sections: the history of Greece before 1821, the war for independence of the country in 1821-1830 and the Second World War.

During the tour you can see, among others scenes from secret schools organized during the Ottoman rule, the foundation of the secret society Filiki Eteria, the martyrdom of the Orthodox bishop Dionysios Skylosophos or the death of Ali Pasha. There are shown scenes taking place in houses, churches, caves and on mountain paths.

The museum was founded by the sculptor Pavlos Vrellis in 1983. It is housed in an 18th-century building with a characteristic, fortified architecture.


Attractions inside

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    Mpizani 455 00 Ioannina , Greece