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Aachen is a historic city known primarily as one of the centers of the state of Charlemagne. The cathedral, a UNESCO-listed cathedral, especially the Palatine Chapel, are the best examples of the Carolingian style. The city is also a popular thermal spa already known in Roman times.

At the end of the 8th century, Aachen was elected by Charlemagne. A royal palace was built here, on the ruins of which is now the Aachen Town Hall. Part of the palace was the octagonal Palatine Chapel currently located within the Aachen Cathedral. The rulers of the German Empire were crowned in this temple for several hundred years. In addition to the chapel, it is also worth seeing the Aachen Cathedral Choir, the Cathedral Monastery and the Aachen Cathedral Treasury located next to it.

The old town of Aachen was surrounded by fortifications in the past. Only fragments of them have survived to this day, including the March Gate and the Pont Gate. Within the oldest part of the city there are plenty of nice tenements, historic churches, like the church of St. Foillana, or the Church of St. Nicholas. The most important square is the Market Square by the Town Hall around which there are many restaurants and cafes. Fountains such as the Charles Fountain and the Vincent Fountain are the pride of the Old Town.

There are also interesting museums in the city. The most important of them is the Center of Charlemagne, which depicts the figure of the ruler and his relationship with Aachen. Valuable art collections have Ludwig Forum Aachen and the Ludwik Suermondt Museum. The Couven Museum, in turn, introduces the life of the middle class at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Aachen has been known for its thermal springs since Roman and Celtic times. Anyway, the Polish name of the city comes from the combination of the words aquae water and the name of the Celtic water god Granus. Today, the most important part of the spa is the Carolus Baths. They are surrounded by a Spa Garden, and mineral waters are also beating in the Elisenbrunnen spring enclosed in a neoclassical pump room.

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