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number 3 in the city

Chocolate Museum

Local name: Schokoladenmuseum

The object is the most visited museum in Cologne. It is devoted to the history of chocolate from its origins in the Aztecs, Mayas and Olmecs to the present. The main partner is the Lindt confectionery group. To diversify the tour, a miniature factory has been prepared, which presents methods of making chocolate and a palm house with different varieties of cacao. The museum's biggest attraction is the 3-meter chocolate fountain.

The facility was opened in 1993 by the chocolate manufacturer, the then head of the Stollwerck company, Hans Imhoff. His desire was to open a museum with a fountain with an endless stream of chocolate. The dream became a reality when the facility on the 150th anniversary of the company's creation proudly presented a fountain that pumps 200 kg of fresh chocolate. It works continuously to this day.

Antique chocolate vending machines and a rich collection of porcelain and silver associated with its consumption from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries complement the traditional museum collections.


Attractions inside

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