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Nivå is a city known for its centuries-old brick-making traditions. There is also a large residence surrounded by a park that houses an exhibition of European painting.

The city was founded in the Middle Ages and from the very beginning it was associated with the production of bricks. There were layers of clay perfect for this purpose. Until today, the former workings are visible in the field. One of them is flooded with the waters of the lake, and the other is the harbor in Nivå. The city is home to Denmark's oldest historic brick factory, Nivaagaard Teglværks Ringovn.

The biggest attraction of Niva is the Nivaagaards residence built in the second half of the 18th century. The local brickyard belonged to its owners. In the mid-nineteenth century, they built a round kiln for drying bricks, which can still be visited a short distance from the residence. The neo-Gothic Nivaagaards Palace now houses a collection of European paintings, mainly from the Renaissance period. It is surrounded by extensive gardens and an English-style park.

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