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Local name: Nivaagaard

The historic mansion was founded in 1767. Today, the residence houses an art gallery with numerous masterpieces from the 16th and 17th centuries, mainly from the Italian Renaissance, Dutch Baroque and 19th-century Danish painting. One of the most valuable exhibits is Rembrandt's Portrait of a 39-Year-Old Woman.

The large park surrounding the residence is also open to the public. It was founded in a romantic style in 1901-1902 according to the design of Edvard Glæsel. There are small ponds, old and branchy trees and an impressive collection of over 800 species and varieties of plants. In 2007, a picturesque rhododendron garden was established in the park. While walking, visit the café serving sweet snacks and drinks.


Attractions inside

    Nivaagaard map
    Gammel Strandvej 22990 Nivå , Denmark