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Kyrenia belongs to the most beautiful cities and the most popular holiday resorts of the northern part of Cyprus. The beautiful beaches around it and the coral reef make it a great place to spend your vacation.

The village is often compared to the French Saint Tropez, because of the wonderful beaches, charming surroundings and location on a deep bay in the shape of a horseshoe. Although Kyrenia is not so popular yet, its supporters emphasize that Saint Tropez's fame has also grown for many years.

The Old Town of Kyrenia is centered around a horseshoe-shaped bay with a small fishing and yacht port. The neighboring, reef-enclosed bay served as a port in Roman times, but no trace remained. The bay has a lot of restaurants, taverns and bars, which in the evenings shine with hundreds of lights reflecting in the water.

The most important monument of the city is the Girne castle, which dates back to the sixth century. In its present form, as a powerful seaside stronghold, it was erected by Venetians in the Middle Ages. Today it houses a museum, and from the walls you can admire the panorama of the city.

In the streets of the Old Town you can also find several mosques and the church of the Anglican community of Northern Cyprus from the nineteenth century. There is also a large bazaar and numerous restaurants and bars.

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