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Caledonia Waterfall

Local name: Καταρράκτης Καληδονίων

The Caledonia Waterfall, or Caledonian Waterfall, is the most famous Cypriot waterfall. It is about 12 meters high and is also the second highest waterfall in Cyprus, after the nearby but slightly less popular Myllomeris waterfall about 15 meters high.

To reach the waterfall you need to walk about 3 km distance. This route is not very difficult, but due to the terrain it may take over two hours. The trail leads through a picturesque, wooded area with very rich and varied vegetation. Many species of trees, flowers and shrubs growing here have been described in several languages.

The waterfall apparently owes its name to Scottish visitors to this area. They were delighted with the beauty of this place, which at the same time reminded them of their own country. And because Scotland was called Caledonia in ancient times, the waterfall was called "Caledonian".


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