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Millomeris Waterfall

Local name: Καταρράκτης Μιλόμερι

The Myllomeris waterfall is 15 meters high, making it the highest waterfall in Cyprus. The area around the waterfall is wooded and very picturesque. A walking path of about a kilometer leads to the waterfall. The waterfall flows into a small lake where you can swim, but the water temperature usually does not exceed 10 degrees Celsius. The name of the waterfall comes from the Greek language from the words milos "wet" and meri or "place", so it simply means "wet place".

Until recently, the Myllomeris waterfall was very rarely visited by tourists and local residents, because access to it was very difficult. The Caledonian Waterfall was definitely more popular. The situation changed after the access road was built. Currently, it is a popular destination for hiking. An attraction for botany lovers is that many plant species on the route have been described in several languages.


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