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Troodistissa Monastery

Local name: Μονή Τροοδίστισσας

Troodhitissa Monastery is a small but important male monastery belonging to the Cypriot Orthodox Church. The monastery is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level and about 10 monks live in it. The monastery itself is not open to visitors, but the church belonging to the complex can be visited.

This monastery is famous for its icon from Asia Minor, which depicts the Mother of God. This is one of the few Orthodox performances of Mary in which she is slightly smiling. The icon is credited with its wonderful properties - it is intended to help couples conceive offspring.

The origins of the monastery's existence in this place are unclear. It is usually assumed that a monastery was founded here after a period of strong Byzantine iconoclasm, i.e. around the 9th-10th centuries. Over the centuries, the complex has been destroyed several times, among others in fires and during fights with Turks. The last major fire took place in 1842. The buildings preserved until today come from the 17th, 13th and 19th centuries.


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